From dev to prod deployment, KezaWeb supports you on your Symfony project.
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You have chosen Symfony, and you made the right choice ! This framework has been created in 2005 and have a great reputation all around the world. Its developper's community is active, and its deliveries are constant. Symfony is an OpenSource solution sure and robust for your IT projects.
KezaWeb have 8 years experience on Symfony, and trust in this solution.
That you are startuper or manager IT, we can help you on your web development challenges. From starting on moderns development environments to production deployment, we are the driving force during all the duration of your project.

Have you ever heard of agiles method ? This is a set of driving practice to build efficient project. We can quote two main methods : XP ( Extrem Programming ) et Scrum.
At KezaWeb, we don't adopt a specific method, but we agree and apply Agiles foundations.Code's side, we apply KISS et DRY. KISS for Keep It Simple and Stupid and DRY for Don't Repeat Yourself.
Customer's side, we develop your project by batch to avoid "tunnel effect". To get more details about that, you can consult our web page Our Solutions.

We have a technical expertise on PHP, the language used on Symfony, and we can intervene on your existing PHP projects. First time, we can make an audit of your application, and propose you solutions to evolve your project in the right direction. In a second time, we can intervene to achieve necessary supports and evolutions using PHP, MySQL, CSS or HTML. Do not hesitate to take contact with us, and ask a Free Quote.

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Use to analyze your performance's problems on Symfony Use to analyze your performance's problems on Symfony. This tool, developed by SensioLabs, the Symfony creator, allow you to find the weakness of your application concerning response time.
Install a Symfony 3 application on a test server You have a Symfony 3 application and you want to put it on test ? In this post, we will install a server on Debian 8 ( Jessie ) with PHP7 and Nginx. To deploy our application, we will use "deployer" tool. To your keyboards !
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