Our solutions for your Symfony projects.

My project is not yet created !

The project management is probably the more complex part in application's conception. We need to manage together resources, time, money allocated to the project and keep a close watch on the objective.
On the next infographics, we show you our methods on a "from scratch" project.

The study

First of all, we meet in order to define priority objectives of your futur application. The goal is to imagine your application able to work with a set of minimum features.
All that it is not required for your project have to be excluded to start.
So, your application will be faster available and its cost will be contained. A global cost is sent at this step.

The preparation

After we have defined features plan and that you are agree we that, we start the technical plan. The User Stories writing is an important step. Supported by mock-ups, they allow to confirm the right direction that we have to take for the development. Each User Stories is written in our project software Redmine. A precise cost is done for each of them.

The development

Let's go ! The seed is sown and the project can start. A development environment is created by using modern technologies as gulp or docker. You can can follow the development on our Redmine and the project's progress on a test website.

The design

The seed is germinating, and the engine take shape. It's the time to order your graphical charter at a web designer. KezaWeb send you the specifications needed.
A this time, all modification of management rules can give a impact on the global cost given at the beginning.

The test step

Your project grow up ! Your are able to validate your first User Stories. Our management project software allow to facilitate the communication and know the trajectory.

First delivery

Your project is available ! We put you in touch with a web host because it's time to put your application in production. The first set of User Stories completed is billed.

Your project's growth

You still have credit allocated to your project, and you have others features ideas ? No problem, grow up your project together by writing new features.

My project exist, and I need human resources !

I can answer to your needs !
I start to work on Symfony 10 years ago, in a web agency. I applied my knowledges at Groupe Atlantic by internal development projects ( like CRM ) during 7 years.
I'm sociable, motivated, and I like to take new challenges.
This is my competency list :

- Symfony
- Javascript
- SQL ( Mysql / Postgres )

Yoann Chocteau