Use to analyze your performance's problems on Symfony

Use to analyze your performance's problems on Symfony. This tool, developed by SensioLabs, the Symfony creator, allow you to find the weakness of your application concerning response time.

Have your ever heard about ? This is a tool developed by SensioLabs, and availabled as SaaS. Its promise consist to help us to manage the performance of our applications. In its free subscription, we have some features that we will discover togother. Let's go !


Fisrt time, we need to install it on our server. The installation manual is precise, and documented for each environment. So, for my part, I followed "Debian" installation.
When they say that installation should during less that 5 minutes... They say right ! :)
As suggested by, you can install a Google Chrome Addons to facilitate your monitoring performance. When you click on the button "Profile", the system will use your keys to monitoring your application. My application on test use the cache system, so I got a good response time : 2ms. When I click to "View Call Graph", I see that files and functions called come from the cache system. I don't have so much calls. The reverse proxy built by Symfony is effective. So, I want to consult my call graph out of cache system. You just have to comment a line on your web/app.php file.

$kernel = new AppKernel('prod', false);
//$kernel = new AppCache($kernel);

I refresh my page, and I click on "Profile" again. The result is not the same : 67ms. Cache system on Symfony is powerful ! Let's see our call graph now. We have so many calls : controllers, templates, repositories... We can see the time consumed for each method. If your application is slow, you can quicky identify the cause and solve it.

What about cost ?

In its free solution, just offer you a call graph. It's very helpful, but if you have the budget, you can buy better solutions. can monitoring your system ( CPU, Memory ), evaluate the SQL requests cost, and give you recommandations.
This tool can help your developper's team to build more efficient code. 

What do you think about ? Say to me this in the comments :)